Postcard from Byron Bay

villas-of-byron-pool-teaGetting the most out of your holiday.

With so many things to do in Byron Bay, how do you balance activities with the perfect amount of relaxation and zoning out in the luxurious villas?

A great way to kick off the holiday is our in-villa massages, combining essential oils and the sounds of the waterfall to fast- track relaxation. Our therapists come to you so you can relax and just enjoy the bliss. Many of our guests like to visit the local Farmers Markets and be inspired by all the fresh produce on offer. Byron really does have a way of encouraging healthy lifestyle habits. There is such an array of fresh local foods and products that are delicious and beneficial to the body.

We really like to encourage lounging around here at The Villas of Byron, providing beautiful books and magazines for enjoyable reading and inspiration and lots of big furniture to recline on from daybeds, sofas with oversize cushions and big lush king beds, all overlooking the beautiful garden and pool. As we are located next to a nature reserve, the birds and the greenery are very conductive to calming the mind. No wonder guests leave feeling refreshed, renewed and energised.

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