If you are after a simply unforgettable Byron Bay experience you absolutely must

book a Toast the Sun lighthouse breakfast by Wild Goat Events.

We got to experience this first hand recently and it was truly fantastic! From the

moment we stepped out of our car to the moment the experience ended nothing

was too much trouble for the Wild Goat team.

We were greeted with huge smiles and luxurious warm blankets to wrap

ourselves up in to keep warm from the crisp early morning air and were guided

up to the lighthouse where we watched the first of the sun’s rays peek out above

the beautiful pacific ocean, such a peaceful moment where the world is quiet and

reflective, and it feels as if there is no one else around.

Our coffee orders were taken as we watched the sun rise and it was one of the

best coffee’s I have ever had! Breakfast was a very Middle Eastern affair filled

with exotic tastes and textures you might not be accustomed to at breakfast time

but my gosh was it delicious! There is not one single thing I would fault, it was by

far the most indulgent breakfast experience I have ever had! The team are also

happy to cater for any dietary requirements that you might have, although we

don’t have any!

The dining deck has the most spectacular views of the bay you are likely to get

from any vantage point and with the feeling of being secluded, like the bay is

your own private painting this is an experience you are not going to forget in a


If you have an anniversary, birthday, special occasion or even if you are planning

a proposal book a Toast the Sun experience today! You will love every single


Images courtesy of Wild Goat Events